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In-House Services and Specialists

"It feels good to be able to address so many of my patients' medical needs in our own office. I don't know of another primary care practice that offers this kind of comprehensive medical care."
- Dr. Gary Fender, GIMG

A significant part of our time is spent not just treating our patients, but also working to prevent disease and promote well-being. Together, our team offers a suite of medical services - all in-house - that include:

  • Internal medicine: We offer primary acute, chronic and preventive health care for adults, including:
    • Health care visits to treat disease and promote long-term health
    • Physicals
    • Gynecologic check-ups, including Pap tests and breast exams
    • Routine and travel immunizations
    • Minor skincare procedures, including skin evaluations and routine skin cancer screening; removal of skin tags, sebaceous cysts and lipomas; and treatment of warts, precancerous skin lesions, and multiple other skin lesions and conditions
    • Some intravenous (IV) therapies when needed
  • Specialty medicine: While our physicians and physician assistants can take care of the vast majority of patients with specific needs, we also have two specialists working within our practice with whom we can consult to more efficiently treat your problem. If your medical problem persists, your practitioner may send you to one of our specialists, or you may choose another consultant outside of our practice.
  • Nutrition:
  • Skin Aesthetics
    • Hair removal, more

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