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Executive Physicals

“We created the Executive Physical to offer our patients a more personal and thorough health review with their physician.”
– Dr. Anjali Goyal, GIMG

GIMG is pleased to be able to offer our patients the Executive Physical. The Executive Physical builds upon the routine Preventive Health Exam to provide additional time with your physician to cover your medical history and any chronic issues, as well as do a more complete risk assessment, additional testing if needed, and more comprehensive lifestyle counseling. In addition, the added time will allow you to address specific questions with your physician in more detail.

The extent of the exam and tests your physician will conduct during your Executive Physical will vary based on your age and medical history.

After your in-person exam, you will receive:

  • A personal call from your physician to discuss your results and any recommended follow-up,

  • A written assessment of your results, and

  • Follow-up assistance arranging any tests or procedures your physician determines you may need done outside of GIMG’s offices.

To schedule an Executive Physical, please contact Katie Paarfus at 703-573-9800.

Note: The Executive Physical may not be covered by your health insurance. To find out, contact your insurance company.