Fairfax: 703-573-9800

After Hours and Emergency Calls
If you are having a life threatening medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are seen in an emergency room, please have the physicians there contact our office.

Your medical care through GIMG does not stop when our offices close. You may leave urgent or routine messages on either office line, (703) 525-8863 or (703) 573-9800, but be sure to follow the voicemail instructions closely!

Urgent issues: If you have a medical issue needing immediate attention, you may leave a message on our emergency line that our physician on-call will receive and return within approximately 15 minutes. Many urgent after hours problems can be handled by phone, and can help you determine whether you need to get immediate medical help.

Please be respectful of our physicians taking call from home, and only call with urgent needs.

All other issues: All routine matters should be handled during regular office hours; however, you may leave a message on the office line after hours. We will call you back the next business day!

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